Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Do-It-Yourself Animation Desk project

For those of you with the right tools and the do-it-yourself motivation here is another project to inspire you to build your own animation desk . Click on this link to see details: 

How We Built My Animation Desk

This one starts with a base adapted from an old computer desk :

The rest of the desk is built on top of the computer desk with the typical wood railing system which raises and lowers the angle of the desk top as desired. (or you could also use the ratcheted lid stay hardware shown in one of the posts above in place of the wood railing to raise and lower the table top.)

And here are a couple of photos of the finished product . 
Pretty nice ! 

This desk has a useful feature that many desks lack: the hole for the disc is off-set so there is plenty of space to one side to place the X-sheet, models sheets, or any of the other dozens of little Post-It Notes and other scraps of papers that animators accumulate while animating.  (also the optional pencil holder , available from Lightfoot Animation .) 

More details and photos of building this desk at the original link: