Friday, June 15, 2012

Two useful apps for Traditional Animation

For scanning animation drawings for import into animation apps such as TVPaint Animation or ToonBoom Animate Pro / Harmony,  or Digicel Flipbook  you should seriously consider VueScan scanning software.    VueScan (for Mac, Windows, and Linux)  offers many options for image adjustment/enhancement .  Scan your drawings in VueScan, then import to TVPaint  (or ToonBoom,  or Digicel , though I think of these TVPaint is the best) .

If your are using video capture instead of scanning then get iGlasses for Mac (Mac only, not for PC Windows) .   iGlasses gives you many more options for manually adjusting the exposure, focus,  and white balance  using an HD webcam (such as the Logitech C-920) .

Friday, December 2, 2011

Why this blog ? What will you find here ?

This page is a sub-section of my blog for online animation students Hand Drawn Animation Notes.

Here you will find sources and suggestions for purchasing or building traditional animation equipment. (see the links in the sidebar for companies which sell animation equipment and supplies online.)

Hand-Drawn Animation Equipment and Supplies

Click on the links below to read the Topics covered :

Handroo Animation Table

This stylish portable animation table is made in France by Handroo.

Download the brochure at this link:    Handroo Brochure

They are working on securing a U.S. distributor.   In the meantime you may order directly from them. (although the shipping is expensive)   Price is approximately $300 USD , plus $180 shipping to the U.S.   Check with them on exact shipping cost , depending on your location.

They offer it in kit form, unpainted , so you can customize it with your own colors .  The kit version is slightly less expensive.

Here's the basic unit:

Here's a custom painted version:

Back view: