Thursday, May 7, 2009

Basic equipment for hand-drawn animation

We'll go into more detail in other posts, but what are the basics you need to get started with traditional hand-drawn animation ?

1.) Animation desk with animation disc , or a lightbox with pegbar. (get the disc if you can , it's better.)

2.) Extra ACME peg bar for scanning or video testing your drawings. Get a thin, metal tape-down peg bar if possible because those are the most versatile. Lightfoot Animation or Cartoon Colour Co. has them .

3.) ACME punched animation paper. Lightfoot Animation, Chromacolour, or Cartoon Colour Co. can supply. (see links in sidebar) .   Ingram Bond animation paper from Lightfoot or Cartoon Colour is recommended.   Chromacolour Prograde Plus 23 lb paper is also recommended.   These brands of paper are more expensive , but you'll notice the difference between this and the cheap photocopier-grade paper.   Ingram Bond or Chromacolour Prograde erases better, lasts longer, holds up to repeated flipping, the surface is better for drawing, it scans better.

4.) Pencils, various. Col-Erase red and blue.  Various brands of  Graphite pencils , HB, B, 2B .    Recommended graphite pencils include: Tombow Mono  and  Palomino Blackwing 602.

5.) Erasers:  Soft kneaded eraser (grey) , and "Magic Eraser" (white) .

6.) Exposure Sheets (free , printable X-sheet templates from  Pre-printed Exposure Sheets from Cartoon Colour Co.

7.) Animation frame capture software. Two are particularly recommended : TVP Animation or Digicel Flipbook Studio.  Also good for pencil testing are: Toki Line Test, MonkeyJam (freeware , but for Windows PC only) .

8.) a scanner for scanning your animation drawings into TVP Animation or Digicel Flipbook


8 a .) a digital video camera mounted on a down-shooter (tripod or ideally a copy stand) to capture your drawings via video feed.

I'll talk more about these items in the posts below, but in the meantime check out the Traditional Animation Materials List and these two downloadable/printable PDF resource booklets: